Her- Story: Danielle Craig

Let us celebrate women globally by telling Her- Story!

Everyday, women are making history. Some have earned multiple degrees, others are seated in the boardroom, and a select few are voted into office. All wear many hats at any given time. Women are mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, teachers, grandmothers, founders, doctors, artists, executive directors, businesswomen, professionals, scientists, lawyers, students, and vice president

Danielle Craig is the Founder and President of EmpoweringU LLC. Her mission is to empower children of all ages to feel good and free about themselves. Stereotypes and misrepresentation in media have led many children globally to feeling down about themselves. Through her program, Danielle has pushed to teach kids life lessons to have a healthy mindset about how to view themselves and others. For Women’s History Month, Danielle has taken part in our Her- Story movement to empower our youth. Visit her video on our YouTube Channel or in our newsletter to hear more.

As we celebrate women and womanhood, let us salute women, elevate their voices and share their accomplishments. Let us “toot’ each other’s horn. Let us tell her-story!