We cultivate critical thinkers...
creative problem solvers...
and empathetic leaders.
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We Envision

A future where underserved youth are equipped with the tools and leadership skills needed to solve some of the most challenging problems in their communities, and in the world.

Our Mission

Student Global Ambassador Program (SGAP Leaders) is a leadership program that empowers our underserved youth (ages 13-18) to take action on real-world problems by using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to solve sustainability and social justice challenges.

Our Programs

All our programs may be presented virtually or in-person.

Our in-person or virtual workshops, tours and speaker series provide a vehicle for students to develop college and career readiness skills. Students choose the themes for our program which ranges from climate change, teen suicide and mental wellness, to human trafficking (to name a few).

In addition, our workshops challenge students from different schools, regions and countries to think critically around real issues that affect real lives; as a result they develop leadership and team building skills; and through the process, they gain a voice and feel empowered.

Sustainability Challenge Workshop ™

Our Sustainability Challenge Workshop brings together up to 120 students from 5 high schools to engage in an innovative 1-day event focused on renewable energy and sustainability. Our workshop centers on a real-world case study written by experts and vetted by our partner organizations. MORE


Our THINK DESIGN for Social Entrepreneurship Workshop is centered on the Stanford d. school’s design thinking rubric. This model promotes an empathic, human- centered approach to problem solving. MORE

SGAP Leaders SPEAK ™

SGAP Leaders SPEAK series provides a platform for our alumni and subject matter experts to share topics of interest with our middle and high school students. Responses from our student surveys determine the topic. MORE

SGAP Leaders’ Alumni, Isaiah Moore speaks to Kennedy High School’s Minority Scholars & Leadership Training Institute, MD on Diversity & Inclusion.

Students, Teachers and Administrators Share

"The most valuable thing I learned is like the participation (in breakout rooms). It helps me (to) understand each of my classmates more and (for us to) understand what we value (as a class)."
Freshman, Kennedy High School
“He (speaker - Isaiah Moore) just made me think that there is much more out there other than gender and sexuality and race... so much going into those sections and (he) just made me think more about it.”
Junior, Kennedy High School
“I enjoyed my visit at a facility I don’t get to see often. Recommend to people who are both interested and not interested to learn what goes on here (Covanta Energy, Newark).”
Senior, Rahway High School
“The students feel empowered to step up and to talk with each other as intellectual equals, as co-collaborators, in a way that I think for some of them, they’re not used to thinking of themselves that way. I think that’s really valuable.”
English Teacher, Wootton High School
“I think this (Sustainability Challenge Workshop) is a really valuable program to the students. I think learning about how to do engineering and architecture in a sustainable way is going to be the key to our future.”
Dean, School of Engineering

Our Impact


Number of Domestic Schools

Public, Private, Independent, Religious, Chartered, Home-Schooled


Number of International Schools

Through our partnership with Global Education Motivator


Number of Domestic Students Impacted (ages 13-18)

Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, NY & NJ

Our Programs & Projects

Our program aligns with the United Nations' 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's); as such, they are designed to engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills, as well as an awareness of global social and sustainability issues. View Programs